Linux useful commands: “ls” command

Hi people, every wednesday I bring here quick tips to make your life easy in managing Linux environments. Today I choosed the the most used command on Linux enviroments, in my opinion.

The command “ls”

We use this command every time when working with command prompt. You can see some useful tips to work better with it:

1) Listing all files (including hidden) with directory, size, modified date and time, file or folder name and owner of file and it’s permission in human readable format.

$ ls -lsahF

2) Reversing the order

$ ls -lsahFr

3) Including sub-directories recursively

$ ls -lsahFR

4) Sorting by File Size

$ ls -lsahFS


WordPress Speed Optmization

Hi people. I am back here bringing a serie of articles with strategies to optimize the performance and speed of a WordPress installation. I will cover these topics every monday:

  • Webserver
  • Caching
  • CDN
  • Backend
  • Database
  • Memory Cache
  • Improvements on static files
  • And much more

To introduce these topics, I would like to talk a little bit about me and my experience. During the last years I have been working with WordPress and how to extract the maximum potential of servers.

This task is not so difficulty, because the WordPress system is not so heavy to load. But the problem is when people use your creativity to create a problematic environments. Lots of plugins, poorly code and million of static files to manage are the perfect combination to make your WordPress weeps.

So, I expect you here next monday to talk more about caching strategies. This journey is just beginning. See you later.